Episode 13 – I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano

i-dreamAt Uncle Junior’s meeting with his capos, Jimmy Altieri behaves as if he might be wearing a wire. Junior agrees to let Tony Soprano have him killed. Christopher Moltisanti takes Jimmy to a hotel for what he promises will be a night with two Russian prostitutes. After they enter the hotel room, Silvio Dante emerges from behind the bathroom door and shoots Jimmy in the back of the head. His decomposing body is later found in an alleyway by a passerby with a dead rat stuffed in his mouth, sending a message that he had made a deal with the FBI.
In Tony’s therapy session with Dr. Melfi, Melfi tells Tony that his dream (of Isabella) indicates his subconscious is alerting him to problems with his mother. Because Tony’s life is in danger, Melfi suggests that his mother may have been involved in the decision to take his life. Tony becomes furious, breaks a glass table and attacks Dr. Melfi, holding her down in her chair. He then tells her that he is finished with therapy.
Carmela Soprano and Rosalie Aprile have lunch at the re-opened Nuovo Vesuvio, Artie Bucco’s new location for his restaurant that he opened with the insurance money he received after the original Vesuvio burned down. Father Phil Intintola drops by and sits with them. He discusses food and his watch, which belonged to Jackie Aprile Sr., but was given to him by Rosalie after Jackie’s death.
FBI agents Dwight Harris and Grasso hold a meeting with Tony and Agent Cubitoso. The agents have Tony listen to recordings they made at Green Grove to attempt to convince him that his life is in danger and that his mother and uncle are involved. On the tapes, Tony hears what appears to be Junior and Livia plotting his murder and discussing Tony’s visits with his psychiatrist Dr. Melfi.
Artie Bucco visits a bedridden Livia at Green Grove’s medical unit and brings her some food. Seemingly disoriented, Livia informs Artie that it was Tony who burned down Artie’s restaurant. Later, Artie confronts Tony with a loaded deer rifle outside Satriale’s, outraged that Tony destroyed the place where three generations of his family worked. Tony passionately denies that he started the fire and says his mother was confused and going senile. He swears “on his mother” that he did not burn down the restaurant. Artie stops aiming the rifle at Tony and angrily smashes the weapon into his own car and then speeds off, leaving Tony dumbfounded.
At the Bada Bing, Tony informs Silvio, Paulie, and Christopher he has confirmed that it was Junior who took out the hit on him. Paulie suggests that Junior may want to finish what he started, and Christopher points out that Junior would use his own men to do such an imperative task. It is decided that Chucky Signore should be made to “disappear without setting off any alarms”. Tony and Silvio pay Chucky a visit at a local marina where Chucky is preparing to go boating. After starting a conversation with Chucky about a large fish that he caught of the pier, Tony suddenly pulls a small pistol out of fish’s open mouth and shoots Chucky repeatedly in the chest, killing him. Silvio then unloads cement blocks and chains from his nearby car and Tony and he load the items onto Chucky’s motorboat and cast off to dispose of the body at sea.
With the knowledge of his mother’s involvement in the plan to take his life, an apologetic Tony arrives unannounced at Dr. Melfi’s office and convinces Melfi to see him again and admits that she was correct about his mother. Tony warns Melfi that her life might be in danger and it might be best for her to leave town for a few weeks. Melfi tries to give him pragmatic reasons why it would be unnecessary for any of Tony’s enemies to come after her, but Tony tells her none of that matters, she’s involved whether she likes it or not. Later, when Tony shows up at her office again, the cleaning staff informs him that Dr. Melfi went on a sudden vacation. The electrical power is subsequently knocked out by a nasty thunderstorm as Tony leaves the office.
Artie visits Father Phil and consults with him about the anger and rage he’s feeling towards Tony and life in general. He tells Father Phil he cannot tell his wife Charmaine about the arson because she would be distraught. Father Phil advises Artie to tell Charmaine and to turn in Tony to the police.
At the Bing, Tony confesses to Silvio, Paulie and Christopher that he’s been seeing a psychiatrist because of his panic attacks and severe depression, and that Junior knows about the psychiatrist and is using the situation to justify killing Tony. Silvio doesn’t mind the news, and Paulie admits to once seeking similar help, himself because he had “issues” and “learned some coping skills”. Christopher asks if it’s anything like marriage counseling, to which Tony says it’s somewhat like that, Christopher seems upset by the news and storms out.
At the church, carrying a large casserole dish of ziti, Carmela pays a surprise visit to Father Phil, but observes Rosalie and Phil having an intimate discussion as he eats and praises the food that Rosalie has provided him. Carmela looks shocked and leaves without speaking to Father Phil and angrily dumps the pasta in a trash can outside the church.
Charmaine hires Adriana La Cerva as a hostess at Nuovo Vesuvio and tells Artie that she is very happy with the new restaurant. When Artie later sees Father Phil, he confesses that he never informed his wife because she is happy with the restaurant and is not expressing her usual negativity.
Mikey Palmice heads out for a mid-morning jog. Paulie and Christopher follow him at a distance and eventually are forced to chase him into the deep woods, where Mikey trips and falls into a ditch of stagnant water. Chris shoots Mikey in the leg, and he begs for his life. Chris then confronts him with the Brendan Filone slaying, while Paulie is angry because he believes that he has contracted poison ivy while running through the woods. Both men empty their guns into Mikey, killing him.
Just before the hit on Junior can be carried out the FBI arrests Junior, capo Larry Boy Barese, underboss Beppy Sasso, and thirteen other reputed New Jersey mobsters. A TV news reporter mentions that Mikey Palmice is missing and may have fled to avoid arrest. Tony learns from his lawyer that he was not indicted because the charges relate to a telephone calling card scam and a stock fraud scam in which he was not involved. Junior is offered a deal if he confesses that Tony is the de facto boss of the family, running the operation behind Junior’s back, with the help of some New York families including Lupertazzi underboss Johnny Sack. The Feds want the bigger targets in New York, but a prideful Junior stubbornly refuses to admit to this scenario about him and Tony and he is remanded to federal lockup.
Father Phil visits Carmela with a rented movie and asks about Tony, mentioning the indictments. Carmela points out that Father Phil is a hypocrite, judging Tony’s lifestyle but enjoying Tony’s food, entertainment center and time with his wife. The Father wonders if she thinks of him as a parasite. She accuses him of manipulating spiritually thirsty women, and mentions that food and sexual tension are part of his overall game. Crushed, Father Phil departs uttering only one word, “Whoa”.
In a rage, Tony goes to Green Grove to confront his mother, picking up a pillow of a hospital bed on the way to her room presumably to suffocate her. However, he is informed by the staff that Livia has suffered a stroke. As Livia is being wheeled into the emergency facility on a gurney, and with her mouth covered by an oxygen mask, Tony discards the pillow but tells her he knows what she has done. When he perceives her to be smiling, he loses his temper and has to be restrained by staff, before storming out.
In the final scene, a fierce thunderstorm erupts and Tony is stranded in his SUV with his family, unable to reach their intended destination due to a fallen tree in the road. Instead, Tony heads to the nearby Nuovo Vesuvio. Tony, Carmela, A.J. and Meadow hurry to the door, where Tony asks Artie to let them in. Artie, who is preparing to close for the evening and has been cooking by candlelight without electrical power. He initially hesitates but relents and opens the door and allows them in, where they see Paulie (with calamine lotion on his face and hands) dining with Silvio, as well as Christopher drinking at the bar with Adriana. The Sopranos have a seat at a table, and Tony raises a toast to his family, reminding them to savor and “enjoy the little moments, that were good.” as the episode fades to the credits.


Starring in “I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano”

James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano
Lorraine Bracco as Dr. Jennifer Melfi
Edie Falco as Carmela Soprano
Michael Imperioli as Christopher Moltisanti
Dominic Chianese as Corrado Soprano, Jr.
Steven Van Zandt as Silvio Dante
Tony Sirico as Paulie Gualtieri
Robert Iler as Anthony Soprano, Jr.
Jamie-Lynn Sigler as Meadow Soprano
and Nancy Marchand as Livia Soprano


Guest starring

John Ventimiglia as Artie Bucco
Katherine Narducci as Charmaine Bucco
Frank Pellegrino as Frank Cubitoso


Also guest starring

Al Sapienza as Mikey Palmice
Paul Schulze as Father Phil
Drea de Matteo as Adriana
Tony Darrow as Larry Boy Barese
George Loros as Raymond Curto
Joe Badalucco, Jr. as Jimmy Altieri
Sal Ruffino as Chucky Signore
Sharon Angela as Rosalie Aprile
John Area as U.S. Attorney
George Bass as Janitor
Gene Canfield as Police Officer
Frank Dellarosa as EMT
Santiago Douglas as Jeremy Herrera
Militza Ivanova as Russian Woman
Frank Pando as Agent Grasso
Annika Pergament as News Anchor
Michele Santopietro as JoJo Palmice
Matt Servitto as Agent Harris
Candy Trabucco as Ms. Giaculo

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