• Sopranos Season 3 Episodes

    Sopranos season 3

    The third season of the HBO drama series The Sopranos (Sopranos Season 3) began airing on March 4, 2001 and concluded on May 20, 2001, consisting of thirteen episodes. The story of season three focuses on the relationship between Tony and his children, Meadow, as she begins her first year at Columbia University, and Anthony Jr., who is having behavioral troubles at his high school. Tony’s relationship with his aging mother, Livia, is brought to a head. Dr. Melfi experiences a horrifying personal trauma, but begins to make real progress in discovering the root causes of Tony’s panic attacks. Also

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  • Episode 01 – Mr. Ruggerio’s Neighborhood

    Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood

    After the FBI loses another informant, Agent Skip Lipari recalls that Tony takes his associates down to his basement to discuss private matters that cannot be discussed away from home, counting on the noise of the vast 6,000-square-foot (560 m2) home’s five central air conditioning units to mask any conversation. If the FBI were to obtain a search warrant, they would be able to maintain a high level of surveillance on the Soprano home. Chief Frank Cubitoso and Agent Harris go to obtain the court order but are warned by the judge not to linger there for too long. The

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  • Episode 02 – Proshai, Livushka

    Proshai, Livushka

    Tony follows his early-morning ritual: picking up the morning paper and scanning the headlines, which address a violent mob conflict involving Tony’s company, Barone Sanitation. Tony suffers a panic attack and collapses in the kitchen. When Carmela arrives home, she immediately drops her bags to help him off the floor. When she asks what happens, he states “Uncle Ben” and the scene rewinds to Tony greeting Meadow and her new friend. Tony comes down the stairs and is surprised to see Meadow on the couch. Meadow tells Tony she needed to borrow the VCR and came with a friend. Meadow’s

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  • Episode 03 – Fortunate Son

    Fortunate Son

    Christopher Moltisanti receives a call on his cell phone from Paulie Walnuts who tells him to meet at a shopping center parking lot in half an hour and to “look sharp” and “shine his shoes”. Christopher begins to get excited along with Adriana, since this may be his making ceremony. Christopher then shaves and dresses and drives to Modell’s. Silvio Dante and Paulie pull up, and they all drive together to a basement of a made man where Tony congratulates Christopher and Eugene Pontecorvo (who is also being made) on their accomplishment. They then gather at a table where Tony

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  • Episode 04 – Employee of the Month

    Employee of the Month

    Dr. Melfi decides that, since Tony has had a breakthrough in his prior therapy session, he is ready to be referred to a behavioral therapist. Tony takes offense, convinced that Melfi is trying to hand him off to someone else. She quickly changes the subject by asking Tony what is new with his life. Tony proceeds to tell her about some problems with his children. Dr. Melfi suggests that he bring Carmela into the therapy sessions. Tony feels uncomfortable about the idea. John “Johnny Sack” Sacrimoni, the underboss of the Lupertazzi crime family, quietly moves to New Jersey with his

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  • Episode 05 – Another Toothpick

    Another Toothpick

    As they have their first therapy session with Dr. Melfi together, Tony remains quiet throughout, while Carmela asks Melfi questions. Carmela asks Dr. Melfi if she’s feeling better after her “accident”, which she says she’s doing better. Dr. Melfi then asks if Tony has been telling Carmela about any of the origins of his “root causes”. Carmela tends to forget, which forces Tony to remind her of the capicola from Satriale’s. Carmela asks Dr. Melfi why the therapy has not helped Tony much, since he is still passing out on a regular basis. Carmela then becomes defensive when she thinks

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  • Episode 06 – University


    One afternoon at the Bada Bing, Tony receives a “thank you” gift from one of the strippers, 20-year-old Tracee. She thanks Tony for advising her to take her sick son to the doctor. When she presents Tony with some homemade datenut bread, he is gratified by the gesture but explains that he cannot accept gifts from employees, since strippers are not supposed to make friends with their bosses, and because Ralph is carrying on an affair with her. Meanwhile at Columbia University, Meadow is becoming closer to her boyfriend, Noah Tannenbaum. As they draw close to becoming intimate, Meadow’s roommate,

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  • Episode 07 – Second Opinion

    Second Opinion

    Uncle Junior is put under anesthesia for his surgery to remove the cancerous tumors in his stomach. As he is given the anesthetic, he hallucinates about FBI agents offering him a cure to his cancer if he cooperates with them. A Star-Ledger newspaper is then seen, featuring the following headline: “Soprano wins freedom, indicts nephew — star witness weds Angie Dickinson”. (Junior’s desire to “fuck Angie Dickinson” had been revealed in a prior episode.) In reality, Dr. John Kennedy delivers news to Tony Soprano and the other mob associates that Uncle Junior will be fine and that they have removed

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  • Episode 08 – He Is Risen

    He Is Risen

    As Tony Soprano enters Dr. Melfi’s office for his regular appointment, he learns that she accidentally double-booked. The other patient is a woman named Gloria Trillo who works as a saleswoman for Globe Motors, a Mercedes-Benz dealer. Tony is intrigued by her and asks Dr. Melfi why she needs therapy, but Melfi reminds him that she cannot discuss other patients’ problems with him. Thanksgiving draws near, which is likely to bring animosity between several members of the family. Tony is still angered at Ralph Cifaretto over the murder of Tracee, stating that he “disrespected the Bing” as well as him

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  • Episode 09 – The Telltale Moozadell

    The Telltale Moozadell

    On Carmela’s birthday, each member of the Soprano family presents her with a gift: Tony, a very large and expensive sapphire ring, A.J. purchases The Matrix DVD, and Meadow gives her a gift certificate to a day spa, which she put on her mother’s credit card and purchased one for herself as well. At Carmela’s birthday party, Jackie Aprile, Jr. arrives late, just as they are about to sing “Happy Birthday” and apologizes for his tardiness. Afterward, A.J. is invited to a friend’s house to spend the night and Meadow and Jackie go out to a movie. In bed, Carmela

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  • Episode 10 – …To Save Us All from Satan’s Power

    ...To Save Us All from Satan's Power

    Before meeting Paulie Walnuts on the boardwalk at Asbury Park, Tony flashes back to the winter holidays of 1995 when he first discovered Pussy was acting strangely. When Tony asks if Paulie feels guilty about murdering him on the boat, Paulie claims he does not regret it for a second and would do it again. When Tony brings the topic up again at the pork store, Silvio Dante begins having nightmares regarding Pussy. Further reminiscence is prompted when Silvio and Paulie have to find a replacement for their former friend to play Santa Claus at the Satriale’s Christmas party, a

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  • Episode 11 – Pine Barrens

    Pine Barrens

    Tony is on the outs with Gloria Trillo when, on The Stugots, he receives a call from his former mistress, Irina, who has a long history of drunk dialing. However, it is Gloria who answers first and Tony continues Irina’s lie about the call being from A.J.’s school but then decides to come clean. Gloria asks Tony to explain his deceit and he lets slip that he didn’t want to “piss her off”, and just wanted to be honest. Gloria is furious with Tony and throws his Christmas present into the marina and leaves. However, the pair manage to reconcile

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  • Episode 12 – Amour Fou

    Amour Fou

    Carmela Soprano meets Meadow in an art museum when Carmela begins spotting blood. She asks her for a tampon and excuses herself to go to the Ladies’ Room, then returns to find Meadow looking at paintings. Carmela is brought to tears when she sees Jusepe de Ribera’s The Mystical Marriage of Saint Catherine of Alexandria. Later, while watching a commercial on television, Carmela begins to sob but quickly regains her composure when she realizes it is only a commercial for Pedigree dog food. She later takes confession with a priest who is pursuing a doctorate degree in psychology. Carmela tells

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  • Episode 13 – Army of One

    Army of One

    Jackie Aprile, Jr. is forced into hiding at a housing project in Boonton shortly after his failed armed robbery at Eugene Pontecorvo’s Saturday night card game. Jackie calls Tony Soprano at his home and tries to tell him where he is and plead for help. Tony refuses and tells him to stay where he is and to talk to Ralph Cifaretto who is making the final call on what will happen. Tony then meets Ralphie, who has been hesitating over his judgment of Jackie, and asks that Ralphie make his decision in a “timely fashion”. Ralphie had already dispatched Vito

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