• Sopranos Season 4 Episodes

    Sopranos season 4

    The fourth season of the HBO drama series The Sopranos (Sopranos Season 4) began airing on September 15, 2002 and concluded on December 8, 2002, consisting of thirteen episodes. The story of season four focuses on the marriage between Tony and Carmela, as Tony engages in an affair with his uncle’s nurse Svetlana and Carmela finds herself infatuated with one of Tony’s soldiers, Furio Giunta. The increasing tension between Tony and Ralph Cifaretto comes to a violent head and Uncle Junior is put on trial for his crimes. Main cast James Gandolfini as Anthony Soprano (13 episodes) Lorraine Bracco as

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  • Episode 01 – For All Debts Public and Private

    For All Debts Public and Private

    A.J. Soprano has started at a new private school and Carmela is trying to help him by reading him excerpts from The New York Times, provided by his school for his social studies class, which lay unopened in his room. Tony Soprano collects The Star-Ledger at the end of his driveway and, once back to the house, asks about A.J.’s grades and clips his ear when A.J. tells him he has “revealed his own ignorance” by asking about grades only a few days into the term. Carmela’s mood visibly brightens when Tony’s driver arrives but her smile fades when she

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  • Episode 02 – No Show

    No show

    Meadow’s recent lack of drive continues to worry her parents. Carmela tries to discuss her failure to register for classes but Meadow again uses Jackie Aprile, Jr.’s death as an excuse. She eventually reveals that she hasn’t registered because she hopes to travel to Europe with her friend Misty. Tony discusses the problem with Dr. Melfi and she recommends a psychologist specializing in adolescents. Meadow agrees to see Dr. Wendy Kobler, who actually encourages Meadow’s plans. This prompts a protracted family argument where Meadow confronts Tony with the truth about his business life by calling him “Mr. Mob Boss.” Tony

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  • Episode 03 – Christopher


    Silvio, intensely proud of his Italian heritage, wants to take action against protests for the Columbus Day Parade by Native Americans, believing it to be an insult to Italian-Americans. Without Tony’s approval, Silvio, Patsy, and Artie Bucco, along with a few others, attempt to break up the demonstration where a Columbus effigy is to be burned. Silvio threatens them not to do so and sends Patsy to take it down. As they leave after being warned by the police, Little Paulie Germani has a glass bottle thrown at him and several others are injured. Tony learns about this and blames

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  • Episode 04 – The Weight

    The Weight

    Johnny Sack is conversing with a New York mobster, Joey “Peeps,” in a bar in Little Italy. While there, Johnny spots a member of Ralph Cifaretto’s crew, Donny K., and is infuriated to see him laughing and joking with the bartender, reminding him of the insulting joke Ralph had made about John’s wife, Ginny, to a group of mob family insiders. As Donny K. gets up to leave, Johnny follows him outside, beats him into unconsciousness, and urinates on him. Tony Soprano learns of the encounter the following morning and is deeply troubled that Johnny inappropriately lashed out. Johnny informs

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  • Episode 05 – Pie-O-My


    Ralph Cifaretto’s racehorse, “Pie-O-My”, wins a couple of races and makes a lot of money. Ralph gives Tony Soprano some of the winnings for picking the winning strategies. Tony grows fond of the horse, eventually referring to it as “our girl,” in direct contrast to Ralph, who brusquely instructs the trainer – speaking of the jockey – to “tell that midget not to be shy with the whip.” As Ralph continues to give Tony a “taste” of the prize earnings, Tony’s growing expectation of an increasing share of the winnings creates tension between the two. Carmela asks Tony to invest

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  • Episode 06 – Everybody Hurts

    Everybody Hurts

    Christopher is still injecting heroin and has just taken a hit and started to fall asleep when he gets a call from Tony, who wants to see him. When Christopher arrives, Tony notices his intoxication. But, Christopher passes it off as being from wine he drank with Adriana. Tony tells Christopher that Tony is going to be giving orders through him in the future because of their family ties and that Christopher “will take the family into the 21st century.” A.J. hangs out with his friends Matt Testa, Patrick Whalen and Jason Malatesta, and his girlfriend Devin Pillsbury. They discuss

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  • Episode 07 – Watching Too Much Television

    Watching Too Much Television

    Paulie Walnuts gets out of jail and a huge party is thrown for him at the Bada Bing!. The next day, Tony and Ralphie get an idea from Brian Cammarata to defraud the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) fund with bogus housing deals. Tony recruits Assemblyman Zellman and a friend of his, Maurice Tiffen, the formerly idealistic head of a non-profit low income housing program, to put the plan into action. They also recruit Dr. Ira Fried to initially buy derelict, poor neighborhood property. After one of their clandestine business meetings at a sauna, Zellman privately confesses

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  • Episode 08 – Mergers and Acquisitions

    Mergers and Acquisitions

    Paulie Walnuts is concerned about his mother’s welfare when she finally makes the move to the Green Grove Retirement Home. Quickly, Nucci is excited to reunite with old friends Cookie Cirillo and Minn Matrone. While Nucci is in the restroom, the elderly women inform Paulie that Nucci will not be allowed to play cards with or eat lunch with them since they are a set group. Paulie insists that they make room and be respectful to his mother. On casino night, Nucci is ostracized by Cookie after Nucci ruins a game of blackjack. Nucci then confines herself to her room,

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  • Episode 09 – Whoever Did This

    Whoever Did This

    As Junior Soprano is leaving court, he is surrounded by media and accidentally hit in the head by a boom mike, making him fall down several steps. He is sent to the hospital with a concussion. Initially, Junior seems to be acting confused and a physician offers a theory Corrado may have had developing dementia and it could have been exacerbated by the concussion, but, later, Junior is found to be fine and enjoying his stay at the hospital as respite from the trial. Tony thinks the head blow could be a golden opportunity for Junior: Tony suggests to his

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  • Episode 10 – The Strong, Silent Type

    The Strong, Silent Type

    At the Bada Bing!, now a week after Tony killed Ralph, the crew is hanging about, playing pool. Christopher Moltisanti walks in with a large parcel in one hand as the rest of them are discussing Ralph’s disappearance. Tony decides to call Ralph in front of his crew, feigning ignorance about Ralph’s fate. The parcel Christopher brought in turns out to be the painting of Tony and Pie-O-My that Tony had ordered previously. Distraught, Tony leaves the Bing. Almost in tears as he drives down the highway, he calls back to the strip club and orders the painting destroyed. Later,

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  • Episode 11 – Calling All Cars

    Calling All Cars

    Tony Soprano has a dream in which he rides in the back of his father’s old Cadillac: Carmela drives while Ralphie sits in front of him and a caterpillar appears on his bald head that changes suddenly into a dark butterfly or moth. Sitting next to Tony is Gloria Trillo at first, but changes to Svetlana Kirilenko. Tony discusses the dream in therapy and Dr. Melfi suggests that it means that Carmela is in control and Tony wants to square the changes in the lives of the others in the car with her. Dr. Melfi also asks in reference to

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  • Episode 12 – Eloise


    As Junior Soprano’s trial concludes, Eugene Pontecorvo and Dogsy find juror Danny Scalercio while he is out shopping with his son and intimidate him. While playing golf, Little Carmine and Johnny Sack try to convince Carmine, Sr. to reduce his demands in his dispute with Tony over the HUD scheme. Carmine Sr., who even refuses to consider the Jersey gangsters a “family,” uncharacteristically becomes angry, smashes his golf club and refuses to back down. Sack meets with Tony and Silvio at Carmine’s new restaurant and offers a minor compromise; Tony, angry in part because Carmine will not deal with him

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  • Episode 13 – Whitecaps


    Tony gets a call from Patsy Parisi, who is watching Adriana pick Christopher Moltisanti up from rehab. Patsy reports to Tony that Christopher has graduated rehab and is looking well. However, also observing are FBI Agents Harris and Grasso, to whom Patsy extends his middle finger. Adriana meets with Agent Sanseverino, and they discuss Christopher’s return. Adriana reveals that Christopher no longer wants children because he feels he is unfit to be a father, after having accidentally suffocated her dog while high. Adriana tells Sanseverino that she and Christopher plan to get help for Ralph Cifaretto when he resurfaces. She

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