• Sopranos Season 5 Episodes

    Sopranos season 5

    The fifth season of the HBO drama series The Sopranos (Sopranos Season 5) began airing on March 7, 2004 and concluded on June 6, 2004, consisting of thirteen episodes. Cast James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano (13 episodes) Lorraine Bracco as Dr. Jennifer Melfi (8 episodes) Edie Falco as Carmela Soprano (12 episodes) Michael Imperioli as Christopher Moltisanti (13 episodes) Dominic Chianese as Corrado “Junior” Soprano, Jr. (7 episodes) Steven Van Zandt as Silvio Dante (11 episodes) Tony Sirico as Paul “Paulie Walnuts” Gualtieri (11 episodes) Robert Iler as Anthony Soprano, Jr. (12 episodes) Jamie-Lynn Sigler as Meadow Soprano (10 episodes)

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  • Episode 01 – Two Tonys

    Two Tonys

    The season picks up about one year after Tony and Carmela’s separation. Tony has moved into his mother’s former home. As the family is about to sit down for dinner at the now-married Janice and Bobby Bacala’s home, a news report airs regarding the release of many mob associates who were convicted during the 1980s. The parolĂ©es include, Michele “Feech” La Manna, a well-respected and greatly feared former capo of the now defunct La Manna crew, Tony Blundetto, Tony’s cousin, a former “rising star” in the mob, linked to known mob assassinations who was very close to Tony growing up,

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  • Episode 02 – Rat Pack

    Rat Pack

    Tony meets with contractor Jack Massarone at a small diner to discuss their work together. Massarone presents him with a painting of Rat Pack members Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr. and tries to get Tony to open up about his connections with government officials. Tony avoids direct questioning to his benefit. Unknown to Tony, Massarone is wearing a microphone hidden in his baseball cap, having joined Adriana and Raymond Curto as FBI informants. Raymond spends time at FBI headquarters correcting inaudible words that were mistranscribed from a meeting he recorded. As Tony, Bobby and Uncle Junior reminisce

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  • Episode 03 – Where’s Johnny?

    Where's Johnny?

    Feech La Manna causes trouble for a local gardener, Sal Vitro, who has been cutting grass in a particular neighborhood for decades. Feech does not care about Vitro’s arrangements and claims that his nephew, E. Gary La Manna, reserves the right to this area. When Vitro disobeys, Feech becomes offended and viciously attacks him, breaking his arm. Tony B., who is with him, is horrified because they are both on parole and pulls Feech away. Paulie “Walnuts” learns from his Aunt Mary, a customer of Sal’s, that Sal will not be gardening the area anymore because he was assaulted. Uncle

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  • Episode 04 – All Happy Families…

    All Happy Families

    In New York, Lorraine Calluzzo and her boyfriend, Jason Evanina, are murdered by Billy Leotardo and Joey “Peeps” after they refused to give their collections to Johnny Sack. Little Carmine is shocked by the news, but is advised by fellow capo Rusty Millio to take aggressive action and defeat Johnny Sack. Tony hears the news of Lorraine Calluzo’s murder and advises his captains and soldiers not to get involved in the New York feud. Feech La Manna then comes to the meeting and captures younger mobsters’ attention and admiration by his stories “down the memory lane,” including one when Tony

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  • Episode 05 – Irregular Around the Margins


    Tony is at the hospital having a suspected cancerous mole removed from his forehead. The removed mole is taken away for analysis, and it is later reported to be a benign squamous skin cancer. Later, he lies to Carmela saying he bumped his head against a cabinet. Adriana goes to the doctor with gastro-intestinal problems, possibly Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which includes frequent diarrhea brought on by the stress of her working as an informant. When the doctor asks about the possible stresses in her life, she comes up with a cover story. Tony has been spending more time at

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  • Episode 06 – Sentimental Education

    Sentimental Education

    When Tony Soprano finds it increasingly difficult to take care of A.J., he sends him back to Carmela to ask for her permission to live with her again. His mother lets it be known that she first expects A.J. to address his study shortfalls, be more respectful of and more involving with her, before she would allow him back in. A.J. accepts the conditions. In order to make sure her son’s priorities are in the right place, she has a visit with Robert Wegler, his guidance counselor. However, their discussion quickly turns from A.J. to having dinner together. The following

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  • Episode 07 – In Camelot

    In Camelot

    Tony Soprano seems to have mended his relationship with his sister, Janice, since their last fight, as he visits her and Bobby Baccalieri’s house for a meal together where he is informed his Aunt Concetta died. While at the cemetery for her funeral, Tony takes a detour to visit the grave site of his parents and finds an elderly lady there. He asks her if she was a friend of his mother, but soon discovers she is Fran Felstein, his father’s longtime comare. Over a matter of days, Tony spends time with her and learns more about his father’s life

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  • Episode 08 – Marco Polo

    Marco Polo

    The tensions in New York City rise. Little Carmine is actively recruiting supporters for his faction: in one such meeting at his recently purchased mansion on the ocean where he is giving away newest Whirlpool washing machines to his allies, their business is suddenly interrupted when Carmine’s party boat, recently refurbished, is found damaged and sinks. Tony Soprano meets with Johnny Sack and agrees to have Phil Leotardo’s car fixed, previously crashed in the car chase with Tony, even though it was damaged because Phil owed Tony money. To save money, Tony has the work done in the late Pussy

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  • Episode 09 – Unidentified Black Males

    Unidentified Black Males

    Tony Soprano notices that Tony Blundetto has a foot injury, which he blames on an attempted assault by several black males. The next day while playing golf with Johnny Sack, Tony learns that the man who killed “Joey Peeps” walked with a limp. This causes Tony to nearly pass out from one of his panic attacks. Tony confronts his cousin outside the Bada Bing!, but Tony B calmly denies his involvement, adding that Tony would not want to know even if he was indeed the hitman; Tony then admits his cousin has a tough financial and familial situation and he

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  • Episode 10 – Cold Cuts

    Cold Cuts

    Tony Soprano has a meeting with Johnny Sack about a missing load of smuggled Vespa scooters from a shipping container that were supposed to be received by Carlo Gervasi’s crew and split between the two families. Sack denies any knowledge about the whereabouts of the Vespas and makes a pointed reference to Tony’s continued denial that his cousin Tony Blundetto was involved in the murder of “Joey Peeps.” Tony suspects Johnny seized the shipment for himself, as Silvio comments the New York mobster has been acting hostile towards them since Peeps’ funeral and his private one-on-one talk with Tony. Tony

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  • Episode 11 – The Test Dream

    The Test Dream

    After having just had sex, Tony Soprano’s girlfriend Valentina La Paz catches the sleeve of her kimono on fire while making Egg Beaters for Tony in her apartment and is badly burned even though Tony quickly puts out the fire. After Tony visits her in a hospital burn unit (with a disoriented Valentina thinking he is a surgeon), he drops in on Tony B, at his mother’s house. Although Tony notices something is wrong with his cousin, who is acting erratic, he does not know that Tony B had just learned about the murder of his old prison friend and

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  • Episode 12 – Long Term Parking

    Long Term Parking

    Adriana La Cerva visits a doctor with her mother Liz and learns that her gastrointestinal problems have further escalated as she is diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. When the physician prescribes her glucocorticoids, her mother protests as she says their side-effects (such as facial swelling) would jeopardize her daughter’s upcoming wedding. Following the murder of Billy Leotardo by Tony Blundetto, the Soprano family is forced to have a sitdown with Johnny Sack and the Lupertazzi family. Tony expresses his condolences to Phil Leotardo, assures that his cousin acted alone and without his authorization and that he does not know his whereabouts,

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  • Episode 13 – All Due Respect

    All Due Respect

    Phil Leotardo reclaims his brother Billy’s body from the morgue and demands Johnny Sack to get an “eye for an eye” retribution against the Jersey mob. Raymond Curto continues to provide information to the FBI. His handler, Agent Grasso, avoids telling him Adriana La Cerva was killed for doing just that. Tony Soprano continues to protect his cousin Tony Blundetto. At Raymond Curto’s birthday dinner, Tony delivers a speech regarding the position the family currently is in. He states that “[they] must deal with this as a family”. However, behind his back, the mobsters are voicing their disgruntlement. Vito Spatafore

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