• Sopranos Season 6 part 1 Episodes

    Sopranos season 6 part 1

    The sixth and final season of the HBO drama series The Sopranos (Sopranos Season 6 part 1) was broadcast in two parts, the first beginning on March 12, 2006 and ending after twelve episodes on June 4, 2006. Main cast James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano (21 episodes) Lorraine Bracco as Jennifer Melfi (15 episodes) Edie Falco as Carmela Soprano (21 episodes) Michael Imperioli as Christopher Moltisanti (18 episodes) Dominic Chianese as Corrado “Junior” Soprano (7 episodes) Steven Van Zandt as Silvio Dante (21 episodes) Tony Sirico as Paulie “Walnuts” Gualtieri (20 episodes) Robert Iler as Anthony “A. J.” Soprano, Jr.

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  • Episode 01 – Members Only

    Members Only

    Nearly two years have passed since the end of the previous episode. Two FBI agents drive in a car, and the agent driving states: “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public”, paraphrasing a line by H.L. Mencken. The other FBI agent, Dwight Harris, is immediately affected by a bout of severe nausea and vomiting, during which an accompaniment soundtrack starts. The music, “Seven Souls” by Material, begins the opening narration, a shortened version of a spoken word essay (“The ancient Egyptians postulated seven souls…”) by William S. Burroughs from his novel The Western Lands. The narration

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  • Episode 02 – Join the Club

    Join the Club

    Tony Soprano is in critical condition, two days after being shot by Uncle Junior. The attending physicians in the Intensive Care Unit sedate Tony into an induced coma after he awakes and rips out his breathing tube. Several doctors comment on the complications of Tony’s gunshot wound which damaged his liver, pancreas and gall bladder, the most dangerous of which is severe sepsis, and they encourage Carmela and others to talk to him and play him music he enjoys in the hopes of a recovery. However, they also warn his family members of the “obviously negative outcome”, as well as

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  • Episode 03 – Mayham


    On a tip from Vito Spatafore, Paulie Gualtieri and a member of his crew, Cary DiBartolo, attempt to burgle an apartment of Colombian drug dealers. When the pair arrive, however, they find the apartment is not empty as expected, and a fierce firefight ensues. The building superintendent is killed when he is used as a human shield by Cary and he and Paulie manage to slay the two drug dealers holed up in the apartment. During his struggle with one of the Colombians, Paulie is kicked hard in the testicles and injured. The mobsters succeed in finding a large amount

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  • Episode 04 – The Fleshy Part of the Thigh

    The Fleshy Part of the Thigh

    Tony Soprano’s condition is improving and he is awaiting surgery to close the opening in his abdomen while he numbs the pain with morphine. He tells a nurse he now sees life in a different way. An Evangelical Christian minister, Pastor Bob Brewster, and Aaron Arkaway later visit Tony and Carmela for a chat and the pastor invites them to pray for a good outcome of his operation. After the surgery, with his condition now sufficiently stable, Tony is disgusted when he learns the insurance company representative wants to send Tony home as soon as possible. She tells him to

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  • Episode 05 – Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request…

    Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request...

    John Sacrimoni, despite the opposition from the prosecution, is granted a six-hour supervised release from prison in order to attend his daughter Allegra’s wedding ceremony. His release comes with several conditions, including heavy security paid for exclusively by Johnny. Even from prison, Johnny lords over the planning of the event and tries to keep his family focused on the big day. Although still recovering from his gunshot wound, Tony is ready to go back to work. He has a new bodyguard and driver, Perry Annunziata, a former bodybuilder whom Tony calls “Muscles Marinara.” Tony notices Perry’s large arms on their

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  • Episode 06 – Live Free or Die

    Live Free or Die

    Tony Soprano pays Perry Annunziata some money as a compensation for giving him a beating and his bodyguard apologizes for raising a hand against his boss as they make peace. The New York wiseguys who spotted a leather fetish-clad Vito Spatafore dancing in a gay bar have spread the news. An associate, who said Sal Iaccuzzo from Yonkers, New York saw Vito at the gay bar, tells the story to Christopher Moltisanti and his friend “Murmur” outside an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, they then repeat it to Tony and his crew at the Bada Bing!. Paulie Gualtieri describes the news as

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  • Episode 07 – Luxury Lounge

    Luxury Lounge

    Corky Caporale meets hitmen Italo and Salvatore and provides them with “clean” pistols and directions to Rusty Millio’s location. At Nuovo Vesuvio, Phil Leotardo and Tony Soprano host a joint celebration as “the books are opened” for two new members: Gerry Torciano is now officially a New York capo and Burt Gervasi becomes the newest DiMeo family made man. The event is not without tension, as Phil rants about his disgust at his still-missing homosexual cousin-in-law Vito Spatafore, and many people seem dissatisfied with the food and service. Phil speaks favorably of a new competitor to the restaurant, Da Giovanni,

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  • Episode 08 – Johnny Cakes

    Johnny Cakes

    Uninterested in his job at Blockbuster or in going back to college, Anthony Soprano, Jr. is spending most of his time hanging out in nightclubs in New York City with Hernan, who he went to high school with, and his new friends, some of them underage girls. His club acquaintances are impressed with him because of who his father is. A.J. brags to one of the girls who inquires about revenge against his uncle Junior: “I’ll probably have to do something,” he says. To get more money for clubbing (“living expenses”), A.J., to his father’s disappointment, sells the drum kit

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  • Episode 09 – The Ride

    The Ride

    In preparation for the annual Feast of Elzéar of Sabran, Paulie Gualtieri and Patsy Parisi visit their local church and learn that the new priest, Father José, wants to raise the fee provided to the parish. When Paulie considers it extortion and refuses to pay, Father José tells them they will not be able to use the golden hat worn by the Saint, a traditional part of the statue’s garb. Christopher Moltisanti’s girlfriend, Kelli, tells him that she is pregnant. She nervously blames herself and assures him she will “take care of it” by going to a clinic. Christopher instead

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  • Episode 10 – Moe n’ Joe

    Moe n' Joe

    With a mountain of evidence against his client, attorney Ron Perse floats the possibility of Johnny “Sack” cooperating with the FBI. When that offer is met with passionate scorn, the attention turns to a plea agreement. Since such a deal would involve the government confiscating most of “Sack”‘s assets, he sends his brother-in-law Anthony Infante to ask Tony Soprano to meet with two brothers from New Orleans, who have Johnny as a silent partner in their heavy equipment leasing company, and convince them to sell it so he can get his share. Tony would also get a cut from the

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  • Episode 11 – Cold Stones

    Cold Stones

    Carmela discovers that A.J. was fired from his job at Blockbuster for selling promotional items and has kept this a secret for three weeks. During the heated family argument that ensues, he complains that the job did not pay enough to sustain the lifestyle to which he had become accustomed, including regular nights out in expensive New York nightclubs. Tony tells A.J. that he should be grateful to his mother because, had Tony had his way, Tony would have “knocked out all his baby teeth with one shot.” A.J. responds with an obscene gesture after his parents have left the

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  • Episode 12 – Kaisha


    Carlo Gervasi disposes of “Fat Dom” Gamiello’s head down a sewer inlet in Connecticut, while Silvio Dante arranges for the body to be dumped at the shore. Phil Leotardo arrives with his mistress at the wire room in Brooklyn. As they approach the building, it explodes, knocking them to the street. Watching from his car nearby, Benny Fazio calls Tony Soprano to let him know the operation was a success. Tony is pleased to hear that Phil was so close when the bomb went off. As in the unrest between Carmine Sr. and Tony back in 2002, Little Carmine once

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